Оркестр «Процветающие искусства» исполняет Монтеверди: Мадригалы, Книга VII

Полное собрание мадригалов Монтеверди – Пол Эгнью, дирижёр

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Ансамбль «Процветающие искусства» (Les Arts Florissants)

Пол Эгнью — Дирижёр

Мириам Аллан — Сопрано

Мэри Лоусон — Сопрано

Люсиль Ришардо — Contralto

Пол Эгнью — Тенор

Закари Уайлдер — Тенор

Лисандро Абади — Бас

Тами Троман — Dessus de violon

Бенджамин Шерер — Dessus de violon

Саманта Монтгомери — Alto

Жан-Люк Тоннерьё — Alto

Джозеф Карвер — Violone

Ацуси Сакаи — Viola

Себастьян Марк — Recorder

Мишель Теллье — Recorder

О программе

Following the broadcast of the five first books of madrigals by Monteverdi, performed by Les Arts Florissants and Paul Agnew, the Baroque ensemble presents the Book VII!

Giving a rendition of the eight books of madrigals by Monteverdi was Paul Agnew's extensive project. The concerts series kicked-off in 2011, performed by Les Arts Florissants, a talented French Baroque musical ensemble. This new concert available on medici.tv is the perfect opportunity to listen to the Seventh Book of madrigals.

The Seventh Book was published in Venice in 1619, and stands out from the others thanks to its multiple vocal combinations: two wonderful monodies (the Lettera amorosa and the Partenza amorosa) but also all the combinations of voices possible (from one to six voices) apart from the traditional five-voices combination.

Another striking element: the Book ends with a mythological Ballet. Tirsi e Clori puts forward natural elements such as the air, the clouds, the wind, the water or even flowers. The Ballet had been commissioned by the Duke Ferdinand de Gonzague to Monteverdi and then performed for the first time in 1616 Mantua.

This concert was part of the complete Monteverdi Madrigals series performed by Les Arts Florissants conducted by Paul Agnew at the Cité de la Musique, and at the théâtre de Caen.

Les Arts Florissants are supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, la Ville de Caen and the Région Basse-Normandie. They are in residency at the théâtre de Caen. Imerys and Alstom are the great benefactors of Les Arts Florissants.

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