Моцарт, Бетховен и Вебер, дирижирует Лоренс Экилби — С Нурией Риаль, Марианной Кребасса, Бенджамином Хьюлеттом и Иоганнесом Вайссером

Оркестр Insula и хор Accentus

Прямой эфир
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Нурия Риаль — Сопрано

Марианна Кребасса — Меццо-сопрано

Бенджамин Хьюлетт — Тенор

Йоханнес Вайссер — Бас-баритон

Оркестр Insula


Лоранс Экильбе — Дирижёр

О программе

The ensemble accentus and Insula orchestra, conducted by their founder, conducter and music director Laurence Equilbey, perform a program based on the themes of power, victory and peace.

The Coronation Mass, composed in 1779 by W. A. Mozart when he was only twenty-three, was a commission from the Salzburg archbishop Hieronymus von Colloredo-Mannsfeld. This mass obtained its nickname in the 19th century because it was the favorite work of the Vienna imperial court for royal and imperial coronations; it was also performed in Saint Peter's Basilica in front of Pope John Paul II in 1985.

Pope Francis II, at whose coronation the Mozart mass was performed in 1792, commissioned King Stephen from Ludwig van Beethoven, a piece that refers to King Stephen I, the founder of the Hungarian kingdom. It was composed for the inauguration of the large theater of Pest that Austria built in Hungary to thank the country for its loyalty.

Finally, the concert ends with Carl-Maria von Weber's cantata Kampf und Sieg (Battle and Victory), which celebrates the battle of Waterloo. The composer exposes themes like faith, hope and charity with the violence of war. After a military call and some marches, the French revolutionary Ça ira indicates the withdrawal of the Prussian troups on the first day and ends this series of excerpts.

In 2012, Laurence Equilbey founded the extraordinary Insula orchestra, an ensemble of musicians performing on period instruments whose repertoire ranges from the Classical to the Romantic.
The widely lauded Equilbey is also the founder and music director of accentus, a professional chamber choir very active in the a cappella repertoire as well as in contemporary creation, oratorio and opera. Since 2009, she is, with this ensemble, an associated artist at the Orchestre de chambre de Paris. They both regularly collaborate with prestigious conductors and orchestras and participate in exceptional opera premieres.

Both ensembles, under Laurence Equilbey’s baton, released a record in September 2014 on Mozart’s Requiem with the label naïve.

erda | accentus receives aid from the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Île-de-France of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, is subsidised by the City of Paris and the Île-de-France Region, and also receives support from SACEM. accentus is in residence at the Opéra de Rouen Haute-Normandie. Concerts and cultural activities in the Department receive the support of Conseil Général des Hauts-de-Seine. The cercle des mécènes d’accentus specifically supports the ensemble’s artistic development.

Insula orchestra receives support from Hauts-de-Seine General Council and is in residence at Carré Belle-Feuille at Boulogne-Billancourt. Mécénat Musical Société Général is the principal patron of Insula orchestra.

Coproduction la Cité de la musique and Insula orchestra.

Picture: © Jana Jocif.

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