Matthias Goerne, Vilde Frang, Nicolas Altstaedt, Stathis Karapanos, and Michaela Hasselt perform Bach

Arias, Solos, and Duets at St. Mary's Church in Wittenberg

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Маттиас Гёрне — Баритон

Вильде Франг — Скрипачка

Статис Карапанос — Флейтист

Николас Альтштадт — Виолончелист

Michaela Hasselt — Harpsichordist

О программе

Led by internationally renowned baritone Matthias Goerne, an all-star lineup—featuring violinist Vilde Frang, cellist Nicolas Altstaedt, flutist Stathis Karapanos, and harpsichordist Michaela Hasselt—performs a rich and rousing selection of works by the great J.S. Bach! Arias, solo works, and dazzling duets resound against the sumptuous backdrop of St. Mary’s Church in Wittenberg, Germany, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and emblem of the Reformation.  

Accompanied by the four impeccable instrumentalists, the great Goerne lends his magical voice to a well-chosen set of arias from the over 200 extant cantatas that Bach composed, showcasing the genius of the Baroque master for harmony and counterpoint. Altstaedt also performs the meditative Cello Suite No. 5 in C Minor with gravitas and sensitivity, and joins Frang to dazzle with two of the Inventions, long beloved by keyboardists and presented here in a stunning arrangement for violin and cello.

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