«Ночи в садах Испании» де Фальи, дирижирует сэр Саймон Рэттл – С Хоакином Ачукарро

Берлинский филармонический оркестр

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Хоакин Ачукарро — Пианист

Берлинский филармонический оркестр

Сэр Саймон Рэттл — Дирижер

О программе

Sir Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker journey with Spanish pianist Joaquín Achúcarro to the entrancing and mystical Alhambra with Manuel de Falla’s Nights in the Gardens of Spain.

Begun as a set of nocturnes for solo piano in 1909, de Falla eventually created a work of what he called “symphonic impressions” for piano and orchestra. Premiered in 1916 in Madrid by José Cubiles, Nights in the Gardens of Spain depicts three gardens inspired by Granada’s legendary Moorish fortress, the Alhambra. The first is the Generalife, the wondrously fragrant jasmine-scented gardens surrounding the king’s harem in the summer palace. The garden of the second movement is depicted with an exotic dance set in some mysterious, far-off place. Then the final movement is set in the gardens of the Sierra de Córdoba, where we listen to festive melodies inspired by the popular music of Andalusia.

Photo: © Lucie Jansch

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