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Малер, дирижирует Иван Фишер

Будапештский фестивальный оркестр

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Кристиан Карг — Сопрано
Элизабет Кульман — Alto
Чешский филармонический хор Брно
Петр Фиала — Хормейстер
Будапештский фестивальный оркестр
Иван Фишер — Дирижёр

О программе

What is a symphony? For Mahler, to compose such a work was to “create a universe with all the means at my disposal.” His Second Symphony, known as the “Resurrection” Symphony, is indeed a universe unto itself, encompassing the cosmic duality of so many of his works: the alternation of light and dark, the overlap between grotesque and mischievous, and the coexistence of comic and tragic. It is also the first of his symphonies that makes use of the human voice. “The original aim of this work,” he wrote in December 1895, “was never to describe an event in detail; rather it concerns a feeling. Its spiritual message is clearly expressed in the words of the final chorus.” The final movement’s text is composed of eight lines from Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock’s Die Auferstehung (The Resurrection), expanded by Mahler himself.

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Год выхода: 2018
Дата записи: 2018
Продолжительность: 1 h 31 min
Компания: © Idéale Audience - Mezzo
Разрешение: Full HD

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