Симфония № 2, «Воскресение» Малера, дирижирует Георг Шолти

Национальный оркестр РТФ, Хизер Харпер (сопрано), Хелен Уоттс (контральто)

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Оркестр ORTF
Сэр Георг Шолти — Дирижёр
Хизер Харпер — Сопрано
Хелен Уоттс — Contralto

О программе

The three last movements of Mahler's "Resurrection" Symphony conducted by a Georg Solti as brilliant and incisive as usual.

During his life (he died in 1997) Georg Solti dominated the international music scene with his indisputable energy which he expressed in his private as well as his professional life. He was born in Hungary, in Budapest in 1912, (he obtained English nationality in 1972) and his teachers at the Franz Liszt Academy were Dohnanyi, Kodaly and Bartok… A gifted pianist, he could just as well have made a career with this instrument, but fate decided differently: his meeting with Arturo Toscanini, whom he worked for as an assistant in Salzburg, and his taste for opera were decisive. He became a conductor.


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