Симфония № 2 Скрябина, дирижирует Евгений Светланов

Государственный академический симфонический оркестр СССР

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Некоторые части этой программы в настоящее время недоступны


State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR

О программе

Catch the great Russian maestro Evgeny Svetlanov at the head of the State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR in a complete cycle of Scriabin’s symphonic works, captured here on archival footage. In this performance they present his transformative Second Symphony, declared soon after its composition to be “the new Bible” by Vasily Safonoff, New York Philharmonic conductor (1903-1919).

Despite the relatively minimal success of his First Symphony, Scriabin began work on his Second Symphony almost right away, completing it in 1901. With the Symphony No. 2, a more mature Scriabin continued developing his personal style in the realms of structural innovation, thematic transformation, and tonal variation. The five-movement symphony can be divided into three larger sections, with the first two movements (an introductory Andante and dynamic Allegro) preceding the richly colored slow middle movement, followed by a triumphant two-part finale.

The Evgeny Svetlanov Foundation has kindly provided this program to us as part of its celebrations of the maestro's 90th birthday.


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