Анне-Софи Муттер, Даниэль Мюллер-Шотт и Андре Превин исполняют Трио Моцарта

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Анне-Софи Муттер — Скрипачка

Даниэль Мюллер-Шотт — Виолончелист

Андре Превин — Пианист

О программе

Anne-Sophie Mutter, Daniel Müller-Schott and André Previn perform three of Mozart's six trios, which he composed between 1786 and 1788 in Vienna.

The trio for piano, violin and cello emerged after the creation of the pianoforte. Joseph Haydn composed around 45 works for this combination. Those three works, which Mozart wrote for his own enjoyment, are considered his finest and most exemplary in this genre. The composer plays with the convention of the sonata and surprises the audience who expects works close to string quartets.

Anne-Sophie Mutter, who performs on the world's most prestigious stages as a soloist and as a chamber musician, enables young instrumentalists to benefit from her experience. Cellist Daniel Müller‑Schott benefited from her support by being a scholarship holder of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation. In this concert, the two artists are accompanied by pianist André Previn, who masters his instrument as well as the art of conducting and composing.

Picture: © Harald Hoffmann / DG.

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