Андраш Шифф играет Баха

Фестиваль Баха в Лейпциге 2010

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Сэр Андраш Шифф — Пианист

О программе

An all Bach recital by the Hungarian pianist.

András Schiff magically brings life into pieces, makes them breathing and swinging and keeps up almost forgotten ideals of piano playing. Thus, he is not only a great pianist, but also a professional whose view is not limited on piano music, but who has wide knowledge of the broad field of macro culture. This enables him to play the piano which always makes sense to his own point of view.

This programme, played as a part of the prestigious Bachfest Leipzig 2010, include the series of Bach's six French suites, initially composed for harpsichord. The second part of the concert is dedicated to the Overture in B Minor in French style.

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