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Престижные оркестры с лучшими музыкантами мира: Янин Янсен, Елизаветой Леонской, Вадимом Репиным, Анной Нетребко, Лан Ланом, Анн-Софи Муттер, Хуаном Диего Флоресом и Элен Гримо!

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The world's best orchestras are available for streaming on medici.tv

Listen to the best orchestras from around the world on medici.tv! When talking about the "top 10 symphony orchestras", a question arises: which is the best symphony orchestra in the world? It's challenging to answer this question, as it depends on individual tastes and expectations. However, certain ensembles often come to mind: the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Staatskapelle Berlin, the Staatskapelle Dresden, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, not to mention the legendary Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, and these are just a few prestigious symphony orchestras. What do they all have in common? They are all on medici.tv! Discover the world's best orchestras in concerts conducted by the greatest conductors of our time, including Sir Simon Rattle, Daniel Barenboim (who sometimes takes on the role of soloist), Claudio Abbado, Gustavo Dudamel…These legendary ensembles are occasionally joined by internationally renowned soloists. This way, you can listen to exceptional performances by Janine Jansen, Menahem Pressler, Lang Lang, Juan Diego Flórez, or even Hélène Grimaud. Listen to the world's best orchestras and all your favorite orchestras streaming on medici.tv!

On medici.tv, take a journey through the history of art and music by streaming and listening to the world's best orchestras! 

Before discussing the "best orchestras in the world", let's start with the following question: what is an orchestra? An orchestra is a group of musicians gathered to perform a piece, with the number and distribution of instruments varying based on the type of music being played: symphonic music, opera or ballet scores, accompanying soloists, and so on. The number of musicians and the sections of an orchestra, including those of the best orchestras in the world, haven't always been precisely codified and have evolved significantly over different periods and eras! The first orchestra with an exact composition was born...in Italy! This was the orchestra for the premiere of Monteverdi's L'Orfeo, considered one of the first operas in history. The ensemble, consisting of around thirty instruments, was colorful but heterogeneous. Subsequently, Italian orchestras primarily limited themselves to string instruments, with a few added wind instruments. The following century witnessed the birth of the ancestors of the best orchestras of our time. The evolution wasn't in the number of instruments but in their distribution. Wind instruments began taking up more space in the Romantic orchestra compared to string instruments. Additionally, new wind instruments were invented to suit the needs of composers and orchestras. Wagner, for example, commissioned a new instrument, the Wagner tuba, created for his Ring Cycle of operas. In the 19th century, numerous orchestras were established, some of which remain among the world's best orchestras to this day! These include the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, and in France, the Orchestra of the Conservatoire's Concert Society, now the Orchestre de Paris, the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra, and many more. Some of these ensembles still rank amongst the world's best orchestras! In the 20th century, the orchestra's composition was approached differently, prompted by Debussy's desire to make each section more distinct. In the 21st century, a new aesthetic has emerged: the orchestra's composition is no longer fixed and is tailored to adapt to each interpreted work. Throughout history, the best orchestras have accompanied the premieres of illustrious works on the stages of prestigious venues. Generally, the creation of great works is associated with an orchestra: the Teatro alla Scala Orchestra during the premiere of Rossini's Il turco in Italia, Verdi's Nabucco, and many of Donizetti's operas, for instance. Since the inception of the first orchestra, numerous ensembles have been formed in various cities, both French and European, hosted in diverse venues, buildings, and theaters of all kinds. All these orchestras have accompanied the most distinguished artists in their successes and setbacks. The world's best orchestras have even recorded albums, either "solo" or with renowned soloists performing beautiful opera arias! Think of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, which, under the legendary Herbert von Karajan's pioneering direction, recorded numerous operas and symphonic works, or the Orchestra of the Opéra National de Paris, which accompanied the great Maria Callas on her album Carmen in 1964. Don't wait any longer: listen to the world's best orchestras streaming on medici.tv, the finest platform for classical music streaming!

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