Хор «Орфеон Доностиарра»

January 21, 1987 - Donostia – San Sebastian


The founding group of the "Orfeón Donostiarra" was constituted on January 21 1897, in Donostia - San Sebastián. since its origins the choir has been amateur and its members are united by their common love for art and harmony.

The chronicle states that an idea was formed from the twenty enterprising singers that has lasted to our time: "To conserve and spread Basque singing".

Their first conductors were Luzuriaga and Oñate. During the first five years of the Orfeón life its repertoire was very short: Jota Navarra by Brull, The beautiful Blue Danube by Strauss, Oh, Pepita by Muller, and the popular Boga, Boga among other works.

Even though the artistic balance was concise, the founders were recognized as performing great organizational work. In this five year period, in which they only gave about twenty concerts, a mere ninety six board meetings and twenty-nine assemblies were held.

The first few years served to organize the group and situate it in the choral field, but criteria were soon added and objectives were marked.

There have been four well-defined periods in the "Orfeón" over its long history, which are marked by the character and personality of their respective conductors: Secundino Esnaola, Juan Gorostidi, Antxon Ayestarán and José Antonio Sáinz Alfaro.