In 1829, the legendary Rossini's final opera, William Tell, premiered in Paris. With this work, the Italian maestro laid the foundations for the "grand opera à la française": operas became longer, orchestral forces expanded, and sets took on monumental proportions. In short, nothing was too grand to recount great historical events, the preferred source of inspiration for 19th-century composers.

In four acts, William Tell tells the adventures of the eponymous hero, a crucial figure in the founding of Switzerland. The opera's length and technically demanding roles make it a complex work to stage, and it received a lukewarm reception at its premiere before achieving greater success in modified versions. Today, it is above all the famous Overture—with its almost cartoonish overtones—that is regularly performed in concert.

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Rossini's William Tell is an epic opera that tells a story of freedom, heroism, and passion. Composed by the renowned Italian composer Gioachino Rossini, this opera is considered one of the masterpieces of the classical music repertoire. Thanks to, the best classical music streaming platform, opera fans worldwide can now experience this exceptional work from the comfort of their homes. The plot of Rossini's William Tell is based on a Swiss legend and is set in the 13th century. The opera portrays the struggle of the eponymous hero, William Tell, against Austrian oppression and his quest for the freedom of his people. Thus, the story features themes of resistance, courage, and patriotism, set in a context where love and family are also put to the test. The overture of William Tell is particularly famous and is often performed independently in concerts. It is emblematic of Gioachino Rossini's music, with its lyrical passages and famous cavatina for the cor anglais, evoking the peaceful and majestic dawn of the Swiss mountains. is your front-row seat to watch Rossini's masterpiece William Tell

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