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Falstaff by Giuseppe Verdi is an irresistible and witty opera-buffa, inspired by William Shakespeare's famous play The Merry Wives of Windsor. Composed by the Italian genius Giuseppe Verdi, this opera is considered one of the pinnacles of the classical music repertoire. Thanks to platforms like medici.tv, the premier platform for streaming classical music, opera lovers from around the world can now experience this exceptional work from the comfort of their homes. Falstaff was first premiered in 1893 at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy. This comedic opera was enthusiastically received by the audience and quickly became one of the most beloved operas in the repertoire. The vivacious characterization and lively humor of Falstaff make him an iconic character in Italian opera, and productions of this opera continue to charm music enthusiasts worldwide.

Falstaff by Verdi, a comedy inspired by Shakespeare, is available for streaming on medici.tv!

The plot of Falstaff unfolds in the English town of Windsor in the 15th century. The opera features the charismatic and mischievous character of Sir John Falstaff, an aging and amorous knight. Falstaff, burdened by debt, hatches a bold plan to seduce two wealthy ladies in town, Alice Ford and Meg Page, with the aim of extorting money from them. However, the women, who are in cahoots with each other, discover the scheme and decide to play a prank on Falstaff to ridicule him. The libretto of Falstaff was written by Arrigo Boito, a talented Italian poet and composer, who skillfully captured the comedic spirit of Shakespeare's play and translated it brilliantly into the opera. The work is a tour de force of vocal and orchestral writing, offering lively ensembles and brilliantly characterized solo numbers, showcasing the composer Giuseppe Verdi's musical mastery. Shakespeare was a constant source of inspiration for Verdi throughout his career, and Falstaff is a brilliant demonstration of his ability to bring Shakespearean characters to life on the opera stage. Moreover, don't hesitate to explore our other works inspired by Shakespeare!

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