The story of La forza del destino's premiere could have been the plot of a melodramatic opera itself, given its numerous twists and turns! In 1861, Tsar Alexander II of Russia commissioned a work from Giuseppe Verdi, who embarked on setting Spanish dramatist Rivas' play Don Alvaro o la fuerza del sino to music, with Francesco Maria Piave writing the libretto. When the composer arrived in Saint Petersburg for rehearsals, the first misfortune struck: the soprano chosen to premiere the role of Donna Leonora was seriously ill...The premiere was therefore postponed. Then, after a few years of performances across Europe, Rivas passed away! Verdi took the opportunity to rework his opera, as he wasn't pleased with the ending. Another misfortune arose: his librettist fell ill, leading him to turn to Antonio Ghislanzoni. This new version, premiered in 1869 in Milan, is the one most frequently performed today. Subsequently, a number of strange events would give La forza del destino the reputation of a cursed work...

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