Edvard Grieg's Concerto in A Minor is the only concertante work by the Norwegian master. In composing this concerto, Grieg brought into play several elements making it a true masterpiece of the piano repertoire, and one that would be a resounding success from the moment of its premiere in 1869. First of all, its theme: love! When he imagined this work, the composer was 25 years old and one year beforehand, he had married the opera singer Nina Hagerup who had just given birth to their daughter, Alexandra (who unfortunately died some time after the concerto's premiere). It was a young man in love who set about composing this score, and he also drew inspiration from Norwegian folk music. The result is a passionate, playful work, full of contrast which wonderfully describes love in all its forms. With its key of A Minor, Grieg's Piano Concerto is reminiscent of another pillar of the piano repertoire: Schumann's Concerto. Discover this masterpiece on medici.tv, performed by talented artists including Evgeny Kissin with the Berliner Philharmoniker and Sir Simon Rattle, Alexandre Theraud with the Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg and Aziz Shokhakimov and Samson François in a magnificent archieve film from 1967

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Edvard Grieg's Concerto in A Minor, Op. 16 was first performed by the Norwegian pianist Edmund Neupert on the 3rd April 1869 in Copenhagen. The central theme of the piano masterpiece? Love, in all its forms! Gentle love, as narrated through the enchanting melodies of the first movement; melancholic love, celebrated by the orchestral introduction of the second; impatient love, emerging from solitary piano phrases. In composing his Concerto in A Minor, Op. 16, Edvard Grieg borrowed structures and melodies from Norwegian musical folklore. Similarities can be also found with Schumann’s Piano Concerto, composed in the same tonality. Discover Grieg’s Concerto in A Minor, Op. 16, an emotional tour de force and compelling composition, on medici.tv!