Enzo Carniel Sextet en La Villette

Jazz à la Villette 2014

En vivo
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Enzo Carniel — Pianista, tecladista

Esteban Pinto Gondim — Saxofón alto

Filippo Vignato — Trombonista

Maxime Hoarau — Vibráfono

Alexandre Perrot — Contrabajista

Arnaud Biscay — Baterista

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Relive the sublime performance of one of pianist Enzo Carniel’s first bands at the Grande Halle de La Villette, featuring rich, inventive, and dynamic music.

Pianist and composer Enzo Carniel is a rising star in French jazz. Winner of the first prize from the Paris National Conservatoire and a prize for generative improvisation, he has performed alongside André Ceccarelli, Nicolas Folmer, Maciek Lasserre, and Jozef Dumoulin. Leading several bands since 2012, he reached success in 2018 with his band House of Echo’s album Échoïdes, which was—amongst others— Jazz Magazine's Revelation of the Year.

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