Il re pastore: Documental

Salzburg Festival – Una hora en compañía de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791

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Thomas Hengelbrock — Director de escena, director

Annette Dasch — Aminta, a shepherd, rightful heir to Sidon

Marlis Petersen — Elisa, Phoenician shepherdess

Arpiné Rahdjian — Tamiri, daughter of the deposed tyrant, Stratone

Andreas Karasiak — Agenore, Sidonian aristocrat

Kresimir Spicer — Alessandro, King of Macedonia

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In 2006, the Mozart22 project took place in honor of the 250th anniversary of the composer's birth. It was a major project to recreate the twenty-two operas and oratorios composed by Mozart. This documentary goes behind the scenes of the production of Ascanio in Alba at that time.

The Salzburg Festival of 2006 gathered the best specialists of the Mozart repertoire - singers, conductors and directors - to interpret this unique selection of works.

The shepherd Aminda was ousted from the throne of the city of Sidon. Alessandro, king of Macedonia wished to restore his position and to marry Aminda to Tamiri, the daughter of the tyrant Stratone. Composed in six weeks with a libretto by Metastasio, it was written in Salzburg in 1775. This opera, backed by a magnificent orchestration, is a beautiful reflection on the intertwining nature of love, duty and power.

This production of Il Re Pastore meets a beautiful cast with soprano Annette Dasch singing the role of the shepherd Aminta and coloratura soprano Marlis Petersen interpreting the shepherdess Elisa alongside the tenor Kresimir Spicer.

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