Óperas de Mozart

Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute, Così fan tutte, La Clemenza di Tito, Le Nozze di Figaro, Die Entführung aus dem Serail...

¿Cómo pudo Mozart escribir, en solamente 35 años de vida, 22 óperas? Casi todas siguen formando parte del repertorio lírico de la actualidad, y seguramente conoces algunas de ellas. Descubre o redescubre, con las mejores voces, orquestas, directores y puestas en escena, entre otras: Don Giovanni, La flauta mágica, Così fan tutte, La clemenza di Tito, Las bodas de Fígaro, El rapto en el serrallo...

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medici.tv is the best online platform for live streaming Mozart’s operas, offering you a VIP ticket to the most exciting performances of musical works with world-class artists captured in HD. Many composers wrote one or two memorable operas—Mozart wrote 22, nearly all of which are still performed in opera houses and theaters around the world today. Ask ten opera lovers for their favorite Mozart opera, and you're bound to come back with ten different answers! We can't pick just one favorite, so we're thrilled to bring you this extraordinary selection of Mozart operas from the most prestigious companies, featuring legendary conductors and soloists: La Clemenza di Tito, The Marriage of Figaro, The Magic Flute, Così fan tutte, Don Giovanni, and many more are waiting for you, so put on your opera glasses and start exploring Mozart's operatic world now! On medici.tv, you can take a seat at the best concert halls in the world and stream some of the best interpretations of Mozart’s operas, whenever you like, wherever you want!

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A selection of our live streaming operas by Mozart and opera documentaries are available for free to all registered users, and the rest can be unlocked with a subscription. Live video events stream right to your living room from the most famous opera houses and theaters, and you can watch our performances streaming on your biggest screens with AirPlay, Chromecast, and our new Roku app. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be guaranteed virtual tickets at the best musical venues from all across the globe. Watch the greatest Mozart operas performed by sensational singers worldwide with your subscription! As everyone knows, Mozart was one of the most gifted child prodigies that the history of music has ever witnessed—apparently, he was only four or five when he started writing his first musical composition—and since his first steps in his hometown Salzburg, he was able to assimilate a vibrant range of musical styles into his compositions, which would later be incorporated into Mozart operas. Mozart himself confirmed this, writing in a letter addressed to his father on 7 February 1778: “As you know, I can more or less adopt or imitate any kind and style of composition”. But the young composer did not limit himself to become an excellent pasticheur: that was his musical apprenticeship, and the Salzburg genius used his gift to break new ground, assimilating and sublimating previous traditions. In fact, Mozart operas and early works followed traditional Italian forms, the opera seria and opera buffa, as well as the German Singspiel (a form of German-language music drama); but in a syncretic process, “he enhanced these forms with the richness of innovation”, as musicologist Nicholas Kenyon wrote. The results of this innovative and unique process can be witnessed in Mozart opera Don Giovanni, where he instilled the essence of the two Italian styles in different characters of the play: Donna Anna is a dramatic persona, while Leporello or Zerbina are more comic, and others characters—like Donna Elvira—combine serious and facetious features. Whether you are a neophyte or an experienced fan of classical music, Mozart operas are an inexhaustible treasure where you can always find a rare gem. Whether you are looking for a niche production or you wish to discover masterpieces of the operatic tradition, medici.tv is the right place for you, thanks to its live streaming concerts and its refined archive videos and documentaries! Explore medici.tv to discover all the insights of classical music, from the eerie story of the curse of the Ninth to the history of Mozart operas.

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Our streaming video catalog gets you the best tickets to see your favorite musicians and singers in a vibrant variety of live streaming opera performances, including classic masterpieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Salzburg genius’ music compositions are not only amongst the finest ever written, but thanks to his collaboration with renowned librettists of his time, Mozart operas have reached a technical level of quality that are perfectly balanced between powerful lyrics and sensational stage presence, plot structure and musical virtuosity. Reference is made to Giambattista Varesco, for Idomeneo, but the most renowned collaborator of the Austrian composer is without a doubt Italian writer Lorenzo Da Ponte, with whom Mozart created some of his most famous works—including Le nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni, and Così fan tutte. But Mozart operas, of course, were not only composed in Italian, and among his German repertoire you can find his last work, Die Zauberflöte (“The Magic Flute”)—composed concurrently with La clemenza di Tito, and respectively premiered in Vienna and Prague—Der Stein der Weisen (“The Philosopher’s Stone”), and many others. The fruits of these collaborations are some of the most successful and memorable characters not only of Mozart operas but of the theatrical stage more generally, including the tenor role Tamino and the unforgettable bass Figaro, but also strong female personas like the soprano Bastienne from Bastien und Bastienne and Sandrina from La Finta Giardiniera. Come and meet this joyful host of characters: from Mozart’s small-scale early works to his fully-fledged operas of maturity! In Mozart opera productions, there is something enjoyable for everyone! Whether you are searching for the hidden enigmas in the final three operas by Mozart, or you want to get lost in the alleys of Marseille in the company of the most famous barber ever, or if you feel like going back in time to the mythical setting of Apollo and Hyacinthus or the dreamy setting of Il sogno di Scipione, the best operas by Mozart are available with just one click on medici.tv! So, don’t wait any longer, and join us medici.tv, the web's leading classical music streaming platform,to discover Mozart operas and their best productions!