El Ensemble Amarcord interpreta Josquin des Prez

Iglesia de Santo Tomás de Leipzig

En vivo
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Wolfram Lattke — Tenor

Robert Pohlers — Tenor

Frank Ozimek — Barítono

Daniel Knauft — Bajo

Holger Krause — Bajo

Sobre el programa...

The Ensemble Amarcord displays its unwavering dedication to the art of polyphonic singing within the walls of the splendid St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, the ideal place to interpret a program dedicated to the music of 16th-century composer Josquin des Près.

In their exploration of the repertoire left by this essential figure in Western music history, the quintet's throughline is music about the Virgin Mary: more than one Ave Maria and Salve Regina feature in this moving program, almost a reminder of the close connection felt by some listeners between artistic beauty and the experience of mystical joy.

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