Sergiu Celibidache conducts Tchaikovsky - With Daniel Barenboim

Münchner Philharmoniker

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This astonishing 1991 concert allies the dazzling agility of virtuoso pianist Daniel Barenboim with the impeccable direction of Maestro Sergiu Celibidache, brought together to bring you one of the most dazzling performances of Tchaikovsky's monumental Piano Concerto No. 1 ever recorded. The Munich Philharmonic, note-perfect alongside the two all-timers, allows the work to shine from its iconic first bars to its glorious conclusion.

Composed in 1874, the concerto was dedicated to Tchaikovsky's friend Nikolai Rubinstein, who criticized its structure and difficulty. When an indignant Tchaikovsky decided to publish and perform the concerto without further edits, its resounding success and undeniable beauty made Rubinstein reconsider and eventually consider it his favorite work! Barenboim and Celibidache offer us 40 minutes of splendeur in a truly memorable interpretation that will delight any music lover—goosebumps guaranteed.

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