Sergiu Celibidache dirige Schumann – Con Daniel Barenboim

Orquesta Filarmónica de Múnich

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In 1991, at the Stadthalle Erlangen, the dynamic duo made up of Daniel Barenboim and Sergio Celibidache brilliantly interpret Schumann's Piano Concerto. The pianist's exquisite control and finesse are enhanced and accentuated by the world-class playing of the Munich Philharmonic, allowing the sublime intimacy of this masterpiece to shine like never before.

The lone piano concerto in its composer's repertoire, this poignant and beloved work was written in 1841, only achieving widespread recognition years after its premiere. That Schumann was able to complete the concerto at all is a tribute to his talent and tenacity, following the permanent damage he sustained in his right hand in 1832. The cause is still debated—tendonitis, dystonia, or the side effect of a treatment for a sexually transmitted disease—but whatever the reason for this life-altering injury, it did not prevent Schumann from producing this work of incomparable beauty, executed to perfection in this timeless recording.

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