Janine Jansen y 12 Stradivarius — Con Antonio Pappano

La virtuosa violinista toca 12 de los violines más legendarios y valiosos de la historia

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Janine Jansen — Violinista

Sir Antonio Pappano — Pianista

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In 2020, luthiers J. & A. Beare offered violin virtuoso Janine Jansen a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: the chance to play twelve of the most legendary instruments ever crafted by Antonio Stradivari in an unforgettable concert at London's Cadogan Hall. Accompanied at the piano by Sir Antonio Pappano himself, Jansen brings out the unique characteristics and tone quality of each Stradivarius, to spotlight a dozen violin gems by a delightful variety of composers—from Clara and Robert Schumann to Manuel de Falla, Elgar and Rachmaninov to Szymanowski. 

The star Dutch violinist amply demonstrates her world-renowned abilities on this remarkable fleet of violins, produced across five decades of careful craftsmanship by history's most famous violin maker from the 1680 Captain Savile to the 1733 Huberman, Kreisler. One of the concert stage's most in-demand soloists all over the world, Jansen has received numerous accolades, including the Netherlands Music Prize as a 25-year-old in 2003, the Royal Philharmonic Society Instrumentalist Award in 2009, and the Johannes Vermeer Award in 2018.

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