Goethe's famous novel The Sorrows of Young Werther achieved resounding success throughout Europe, from the moment of its publication in 1774. On one hand, "Werther fever" prompted young people across the continent to emulate the protagonist's romantic ways; on the other, this mass phenomenon had a much darker impact, known today as the "Werther effect". Following the book's publication, a wave of suicides swept through readers who were inspired by the novel's hero. This eventually subsided, but something fascinating about Werther endured for a long time: his steadfast and uncompromising character continued to touch the hearts of many readers. Among them was Jules Massenet, the renowned French composer, who in 1892 composed an operatic version of this haunting work. Since then, between Goethe's verses and Massenet's moving melodies, Werther has shone like a dark diamond on the world's most prestigious stages!

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