Oberon, or The Elf King's Oath, is a 3-act romantic opera by Carl Maria von Weber on a libretto by the English dramaturg James Plancher, inspired by the eponymous poem by Christoph Martin WIeland that, in turn, has its roots in a long tradition of medieval texts, including the epic poem Les Prouesses et faitz du noble Huon de Bordeaux dating back to the 13th century. Advised by Charles Kemble, director of the Covent Garden theater, Weber equally drew his inspiration from some Shakespearean plays, such as
 A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest. The result was a resounding success and the public asked for an encore of Oberon’s Overture! The work was created on April 12, 1826 and in the following weeks, Weber’s health rapidly deteriorated. In fact, the composer died on June 5 of the same year.

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In a magical setting, Weber’s Oberon tells the story of the King of the Elves, who wants to regain the trust of his mistress, Titania, the Queen of the Fairies. For this purpose, the world of men and the reign of magical creatures blend together and the love between the knight Huon and Princess Reiza is put to the test. Supernatural journeys, enchanted horns, visions of the night... Weber’s Oberon mixes elements of Greek romance with the Shakespearean plot, a taste for Orientalism with some romantic adventures—and the result is unique! Yet, despite this, Weber was not satisfied with the libretto of Oberon, but he unfortunately died during the revision of its text. Many composers, thereafter, tried to adapt or restore the opera, including Gustav Mahler or Franz Liszt. Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of Fairyland and enter the court of Oberon! The “little people”—elves, fauns, and fairies—come to life, where you want, when you want: on, you can find some of the best interpretations of Oberon, or The Elf King's Oath, the last opera by Carl Maria von Weber!