How should we write the title of this masterpiece by Verdi: 'Don Carlo' or 'Don Carlos'? The two, my captain! There are actually two extant versions of the work: the first, premiered in French in Paris, has an 's' at the end, as it would in Spanish. The second premiered a few years later in Italy and in Italian, under the name of 'Don Carlo'. On this page, it is the latter version that you can discover, performed by immensely talented opera singers! We particularly recommend this 2013 production at the Salzburg Festival with Jonas Kaufmann, and also this concert of the Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, conducted by Zubin Mehta and featuring José Carreras...

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Verdi’s Don Carlo (or Don Carlos) premiered March 11, 1867 at the Paris Opera, the French capital being one of the great European cultural centers at the time. The work premiered in French under the title of Don Carlos, with an s, as in Spanish. Don Carlos received a mixed reception: the work’s form included new harmonic innovations which left the public perplexed, and the empress Eugénie was shocked by certain passages and actively voiced her disapproval of them. Additionally, Verdi did not like the Parisian musical milieu. He therefore returned to Italy to create a new version in Italian, Don Carlo. This opera in five acts narrates the story of Don Carlos, the son of King Philip II of Spain. The young man falls in love with princess Elisabeth of Valois and the couple become engaged, before King Philip II decides to marry the princess himself…Discover Don Carlo, one of Giuseppe Verdi’s finest tragedies, on!