Semiramide is a treasure of Italian opera. The work recounts the legend of Semiramide, who becomes the queen of Babylon after the death of her husband, the king. She then declares her intention to remarry the young Arsace before the court. However, the ghost of the deceased Ninus appears and demands that Arsace sacrifice a man before he can ascend the throne. One thing leads to another, and the young man discovers that he is actually the son of Semiramide and Ninus, whom everyone thought had disappeared. Most significantly, it is thought that Semiramide is an accomplice in the king's death...The remarkable score features a cross-dressing contralto as the young Arsace, giving due credit to the virtuosic arias Rossini envisioned for the role.

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Rossini's opera Semiramide premiered in 1823 at the Fenice in Venice, Italy. Since then, this opera has conquered stages worldwide, captivating opera fans with its exquisite music and thrilling plot. Thanks to, the finest platform for classical music streaming, both novices and experts can now enjoy this masterpiece from the comfort of their homes. With the best quality video on demand (VOD) streaming and live broadcasts of concerts, offers an immersive and unique experience for all classical music enthusiasts. The plot of Semiramide unfolds in ancient Babylon and is inspired by the legend of Queen Semiramis (or Semiramide). The opera depicts a complex story of murder, betrayal, and the quest for power, as it revolves around Queen Semiramis, who is involved in the assassination of her husband, King Nino. She then reigns over Babylon, but the secrets of the past resurface, and the truth comes to light... offers you a front-row seat to watch Rossini's opera Semiramide streaming

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Rossini's Semiramide is an opera filled with drama, passion, and intrigue. Composed by the renowned Italian composer Gioachino Rossini, this opera is considered one of the gems of the classical music repertoire. Nowadays, thanks to classical music streaming platforms like, music lovers worldwide can discover this exceptional composition from the comfort of their homes. The music of Rossini's Semiramide is a blend of lyrical beauty, dramatic moments, and virtuosic passages for the singers. In fact, Semiramide is a classic example of opera seria, characterized by solemn arias, recitatives, and emotionally charged duets. Whether you are a passionate opera fan or a curious novice, Rossini's Semiramide is a must in the opera repertoire, since the exceptional vocal performances of the singers—accompanied by a talented orchestra—will transport you into the lavish world of this timeless opera! Its majestic arias, moving duets, and grand ensembles will captivate you and leave a lasting impression. Don’t wait any longer: listen to Rossini's opera Semiramide streaming on!