Samson and Delilah, Op. 47 is a grand opera composed by Camille Saint-Saëns with a libretto by Ferdinand Lemaire, consisting of three acts and four scenes. Dramatically and musically, it is comparable to an oratorio. In fact, the two genres intertwine from the early sketches of the composition. In one of his letters, the composer recounts, "One of my acquaintances married a charming young man who writes verses in his spare time. I saw his talent, and rightfully so. I asked him to collaborate with me on an oratorio with a biblical theme. 'An oratorio?' he said, 'No, let's write an opera,' and he began to delve into the Bible." The result is the most famous and beloved opera by Camille Saint-Saëns, Samson and Delilah!

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Saint-Saëns' opera Samson and Delilah draws its inspiration from the biblical episode of the beautiful Philistine Delilah, who seduces and leads the colossal champion of the Jewish people, Samson, to his ruin. The trick of the femme fatale is to wait until night closes the hero's eyes and cunningly cut his hair, the source of his superhuman strength. Upon Samson's awakening, he discovers the catastrophe and his grief is immense. It is not surprising that the myth of Samson and Delilah caught the attention of Saint-Saëns and his librettist Ferdinand Lemaire, with its themes rooted in Romanticism! In fact, G. F. Handel had already drawn inspiration from this episode to write his opera Samson. Despite the troubled period during which Saint-Saëns composed Samson and Delilah and its relatively moderate success with the public, the opera has established itself, thanks to the enthusiastic support of Franz Liszt, as one of the most appreciated works in the repertoire of the French composer! Enjoy some of the finest performances of Saint-Saëns' compositions on you will be captivated by the power of Samson and Delilah!