In the midst of World War II, Prokofiev decided to set to music potentially the greatest masterpiece of Russian literature of all time: Tolstoy's War and Peace. During this period, he also composed his "War Sonatas": Piano Sonatas No. 6, 7, and 8. This title was not chosen by the author himself (although he claimed to have written them "with a vigorous fist"), but it was attributed to them as a result of their martial character. Indeed, Prokofiev was far from the combat zone, yet the collective spirit of his era is reflected in these pages: a perfect balance between destructive chaos and classical equilibrium, Piano Sonata No. 7 stands as one of the composer's most beautiful pieces!

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The Sonata for Piano No. 7 in B-flat Major, Op. 83 by Sergei Prokofiev: a captivating masterpiece available for streaming on

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Piano concerts, whether led by renowned pianists or young prodigies, always capture the attention of novices and experts alike. The names Alexander Malofeev, Mao Fujita, and Grigory Sokolov resonate worldwide, and their interpretations of the Sonata for Piano No. 7 in B-flat Major, Op. 83 adds a new dimension to this masterpiece. The contrast between the three movements, typical of classical form, creates an immersive musical experience that captivates the audience. The Sonata for Piano No. 7, along with Prokofiev's Eighth Symphony, is part of the "War Sonatas," reflecting the tumultuous atmosphere of its composition period. Furthermore, the Russian composer was concurrently working on the opera "War and Peace," inspired by Tolstoy's novel. In parallel with these creations, the Sonata for Piano No. 7 in B-flat Major, Op. 83 stands as an eloquent testament to the emotional complexity arising from conflicts. The reputation of the "War Sonatas" has not been without its share of criticism, but the success of the Sonata for Piano No. 7 is undeniable: the subtle blend of violence and lyricism, anger and tenderness offers a profound and memorable musical experience. places you in the front row of the most beautiful concert halls to listen to the Sonata for Piano No. 7 in B-flat Major, Op. 83 by Prokofiev

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