Kol Nidrei is, above all, a Jewish prayer sung to a traditional melody on Yom Kippur. The intimate connection between this melody, which could be translated as "All Vows," and the sacred day of Yom Kippur makes it a metonymic representation of the spirit of this day of spiritual purification. In 1880, Max Bruch, although Protestant, composed Kol Nidrei for the Jewish community in Liverpool, a work for cello and orchestra. Critics, including other Jewish composers such as Schoenberg, were quick to raise concerns about the lack of genuine religious sentiment in the piece. However, this misinterprets Bruch's intention, as he sought to pay tribute to a cultural tradition that has helped to shape the roots of the Western world.

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Kol Nidrei, Op. 47 by Max Bruch, is a piece for cello and orchestra that beautifully captures the essence of the Jewish community. This masterpiece opens with an emotionally charged traditional melody, also called Kol Nidrei, which serves as the piece's title and is traditionally sung during the religious service of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement in Judaism. The melody is rooted in Aramaic texts and creates an atmosphere of deep contemplation and reflection, as Max Bruch skillfully incorporated two Hebrew melodies into this composition, resulting in a work of profound emotional depth. Consequently, Kol Nidrei is a piece of great intensity, where the cello notes soar and blend harmoniously with the orchestra, the virtuosity of the cellist shining through in the technical and emotive passages of this composition.

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