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#MPhil125 (#MPhil125)

From February 15, 2019 to February 17, 2019


125 years! That's how long the legendary Müncher Philharmoniker have been bringing music to the world's ears. In that time, they've premiered Mahler's Symphony of a Thousand—under the direction of the great composer himself. They became early advocates of Bruckner's music, after working with his protégé Ferdinand Löwe. They've had illustrious figures like Sergiu Celibidache, Christian Thielemann, and Valery Gergiev at their helm. And they continue to inspire us, year after year.

We think a tradition like that is worth celebrating. Consider yourself cordially invited to #MPhil125, a digital birthday party! Join us as we spend an entire weekend reliving 10 unforgettable moments they've given us...

Some emblematic music directors