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Master Classes with Thomas Hampson (About the Hampsong Foundation)

About the Hampsong Foundation

Founded in 2003 by American baritone Thomas Hampson, the Hampsong Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in the United States which promotes intercultural dialogue and understanding through the art of classic song—poetry set to music. Through a series of dedicated Song Projects and in collaboration with key academic and cultural partners, the Hampsong Foundation has created diverse platforms for the study and proliferation of song from around the world to deepen communication and understanding among (and within) cultures through their poetry and music. We share our findings with the public—and especially students and educators—through workshops, master classes, and new media. Through our websites, we provide interactive resources and meeting places for educators, students, singers, and listeners. Our websites include the Hampsong Foundation website (http://hampsongfoundation.org) and Song of America (http://songofamerica.net).