Carl Nielsen International Competition


Three years ago, the Carl Nielsen International Competition combined its violin, flute, and clarinet disciplines into one concurrent competition, and in 2022, the triple tradition continues! Join us in Odense, Denmark, for final-round action on from this year's edition of one of the world's most prestigious competitions.

Out of the 72 candidates chosen for this year’s competition, only nine (three from each discipline) made it to the final! The winners of the 2022 Carl Nielsen International Competition are…

Violin Prizes
1st Prize (tie): Hans Christian Aavik and Bohdan Luts
2nd Prize: not awarded
3rd Prize: Eun Che Kim

Flute Prizes
1st Prize
: Alberto Navarra
2nd Prize: Seohyeon Kim 
3rd Prize: Alberto Acuña Almela

Clarinet Prizes
1st Prize: Oleg Shebeta-Dragan
2nd Prize: Ann Lepage
3rd Prize: Panagiotis Giannakas

Odense Symphony Orchestra Prizes
Hans Christian Aavik (violin)
Seohyeon Kim (flute)
Oleg Shebata-Dragan (clarinet)

Junior Jury Prizes
Bohdan Lutz (violin)
Seohyeon Kim (flute)
Oleg Shebata-Dragan (clarinet)

Prize for Best Interpretation of Commissioned Violin Piece (Jesper Koch's "Maze")
Hans Christian Aavik

Prize for Playing Around Nielsen
Victoria de los Ángeles Gil García (flute)
Jonathan Leibovitz (clarinet)

Special Prize (Buffet Crampon)
Gerbrich Meijer (clarinet)