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Alma Deutscher plays Alma Deutscher (Sponsored by Viking)

With the support of

Sponsored by Viking

The live webcast of Alma Deutscher's debut at Carnegie Hall is made possible by the generous support of Viking, a sponsorship in line with the company’s dedication to supporting arts and culture around the world. Early this year, Alma was a guest of honor on board a Viking Longship and treated travelers to a performance. 


About Viking 

Since its founding in 1997, Viking has been sailing Europe's storied rivers and has grown to be the World's Leading River Cruise Line. With the launch of its ocean fleet in 2015, it has also become the leader in small ship ocean cruising.

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The Viking Difference

Dubbed "The Thinking Person’s Cruise®," Viking has created itineraries for curious travelers with true explorer spirits. Viking's destination-focused, carefully curated cruises allow travelers to learn and enrich their lives—all in perfect comfort. 

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Onboard Cultural Enrichment

Viking offers an impressive array of cultural enrichment programs including world-class lectures with historians, live classical music concerts, cooking classes, and much more. These activities are closely tailored to each destination, allowing travelers to enhance their experience and dive even deeper into the local culture. 

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