Rossini's Il viaggio a Reims (The Journey to Reims)

Luca Ronconi (stage director), Ottavio Dantone (conductor) - With Patrizia Ciofi (Corinna), Daniela Barcellona (Marchesa Melibea), Annick Massis (Contessa di Folleville), Carmela Remigio (Madama Cortese) ...

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Luca Ronconi — Stage director

Gae Aulenti — Set designer

Giovanna Buzzi — Costumes

Patrizia Ciofi — Corinna

Daniela Barcellona — Marchesa Melibea

Annick Massis — Contessa di Folleville

Carmela Remigio — Madama Cortese

Juan Francisco Gatell — Cavaliere Belfiore

Dmitry Korchak — Conte di Libenskof

Alastair Miles — Lord Sidney

Nicola Ulivieri — Don Profondo

Bruno Praticò — Barone di Trombonok

Fabio Capitanucci — Don Alvaro

Alessandro Guerzoni — Don Prudenzio

Enrico Iviglia — Don Luigino

Aurora Tirotta — Delia

Program notes

Il viaggio a Reims is a pièce de circonstance created for the coronation of King Charles X of France, who succeeded his brother Louis XIII, at the Reims Cathedral in 1824. The worldwide import of this grand event explains the wide range of cosmopolitan characters, traveling far and wide to watch the new king take his crown; the mishaps and squabbles of a colorful cast of characters form the episodic action of the work, which was only performed four times in 1825 and not heard again in its entirety until a careful reconstruction allowed a 1984 revival in Pesaro, conducted by Claudio Abbado. In the years since, it has been performed in the world's premier venues, calling for a cast of considerable depth with 14 soloists!

In this benchmark production by Luca Ronconi, the staging gives every character their moment to shine: the sweet and idealistic poet Corinne, the equally wise and ridiculous doctor Don Prudenzio, Madama Cortese and her glittering bouquets of high notes, the stereotypical French séducteur Belfiore, the flighty Countess of Folleville, the Germanically serious Baron of Trombonok, the dashing Count Libenskof and his haughty rival Don Alvaro... With the talent of the singers, plus the storied Carlo Colla and Sons Marionette Company (in business since 1835!), this timeless classic works its magic from start to finish.

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