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opera Handel's Hercules Luc Bondy (stage director), William Christie (music director) — With William Shimell (Hercules) and Joyce DiDonato (Dejanira)

Luc Bondy (stage director), William Christie (music director) — With William Shimell (Hercules) and Joyce DiDonato (Dejanira)

Handel's Hercules Luc Bondy (stage director), William Christie (music director) — With William Shimell (Hercules) and Joyce DiDonato (Dejanira)


William Christie and Les Arts Florissants, masters of Baroque music, join forces with director Luc Bondy in Paris to stage this brilliant, lesser-known masterwork by Handel. Superstar mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato shines as Hercules’ wife Dejanira, performing her demanding part with “affecting intensity and tireless stamina” (The New York Times).

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  • Luc Bondy | Stage director
  • Richard Peduzzi | Set designer
  • Rudy Sabounghi | Costume designer
  • Dominique Bruguière | Lighting
  • Ingela Bohlin | Iole
  • Joyce DiDonato | Dejanira
  • Malena Ernman | Lichas
  • Simon Kirkbride | Jupiter's Priest
  • William Shimell | Hercules
  • Toby Spence | Hyllus


  • George Frideric Handel, Hercules
    • I: Overture
    • I: Accompagnato "See, with what sad dejection"
    • I: Aria "No longer, Fate, relentless frown"
    • I: Accompagnato "O, Hercules, why art thou absent"
    • I: Aria "The world, when day's career is run"
    • I: Recitativo "Princess! Be comforted"
    • I: Aria "I feel, I feel the God"
    • I: Recitativo "He said, the sacred fury left his breast"
    • I: Aria "There, in myrtle shades reclin'd"
    • I: Recitativo "Despair not"
    • I: Aria "Where congeal'd the northern streams"
    • I: Chorus "O filial piety"
    • I: Recitativo "Banish your fears"
    • I: Aria "Begone, my fears"
    • I: Recitativo "A train of captives"
    • I: Aria "The smiling hours"
    • I: Chorus "Let none despair"
    • I: March
    • I: Recitativo "Thanks to the powr's above"
    • I: Aria "My father"
    • I: Recitativo "Now farewell, arms"
    • I: Aria "The God of battle quits"
    • I: Chorus "Crown with festal pomp the day"
    • II: Sinfonia
    • II: Recitativo "Why was I born a princess"
    • II: Aria "How blest the maid"
    • II: Recitativo "It must be so"
    • II: Aria "When beauty sorrow's liv'ry wears"
    • II: Recitativo "Whence this unjust suspicion?"
    • II: Aria "Ah! Think what ills the jealous prove"
    • II: Recitativo "My godlike master"
    • II: Aria "As stars, that rise and disappear"
    • II: Recitativo "In vain you strive"
    • II: Chorus "Jealousy"
    • II: Recitativo "She knows my passion"
    • II: Aria "Banish love from thy breast"
    • II: Recitativo "Forgive a passion"
    • II: Aria "From coelestial seats descending"
    • II: Chorus "Wanton god of amorous fires"
    • II: Recitativo "Yes, I congratulate your titles"
    • II: Aria "Alcides' name in latest story"
    • II: Recitativo "O, glorious pattern of heroic deeds"
    • II: Aria "Resign thy club and lion's spoils"
    • II: Recitativo "You are deceived"
    • II: Aria "Cease, ruler of the day, to rise"
    • II: Recitativo "Some kinder pow’r inspire me"
    • II: Duo "Joys of freedom, joys of pow'r"
    • II: Recitativo "Father of Hercules, great Jove"
    • II: Chorus "Love and Hymen"
    • III: Sinfonia
    • III: Recitativo "Ye sons of Trachin, mourn"
    • III: Aria "O scene of unexampled woe"
    • III: Recitativo "O fatal jealousy"
    • III: Chorus "Tyrants now no more shall dread"
    • III: Aria "O Jove! What land is this?"
    • III: Recitativo "Great Jove - Was it for this unnumber'd toils"
    • III: Aria "Let not fame the tidings spread"
    • III: Accompagnato "Where shall I fly"
    • III: Recitativo "Lo! The fair, fatal cause"
    • III: Aria "My breast with tender pity swells"
    • III: Recitativo & Accompagnato "Princess, rejoice"
    • III: Duo "Oh prince, whose virtues all admire"
    • III: Recitativo "Ye sons of freedom"
    • III: Chorus "To him your grateful notes of praise"


  • Directed by:
    • Vincent Bataillon
  • Venue: Palais Garnier (Paris, France)
  • Production date: 2004
  • Duration: 3 h 09 min
  • Production: © Bel Air Media – Opéra de Paris – SEF Munich
  • Available version(s): EN
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