Rossini's La Pietra del paragone

Pier Luigi Pizzi (stage director), Alberto Zedda (music director) — With Marco Vinco (Il Conte Asdrubale), Raúl Giménez (Il Cavalier Giocondo) – Teatro Real Madrid

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Pier Luigi Pizzi — Stage director, costume designer

Sergio Rossi — Lighting

Patrizia Biccirè — Donna Fulvia

Laura Brioli — La Baronessa Aspasia

Marie-Ange Todorovitch — La Marchesa Clarice

Raúl Giménez — Il Cavalier Giocondo

Marco Vinco — Il Conte Asdrubale

Paolo Bordogna — Pacuvio

Pietro Spagnoli — Macrobio

Alberto Zedda — Music director

Jordi Casas Bayer — Chorus master

Coro y Orquesta titular del Teatro Real (Coro Intermezzo y Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid)

Program notes

medici.tv celebrates the 200th anniversary of this masterpiece's creation with this extravagant yet delicious production by Pier Luigi Pizzi at the Teatro Real Madrid!

Far from the tradition productions in period costume, Pier Luigi Pizzi imagines this Touchstone in a modern villa "Beverly Hills style"! Sheltered by large verandas, the Count Asdrubale wanders in his luxurious bathrobe and watch his guests enjoy his gorgeous garden, notably provided with real swimming-pool! With sport chic clothes and models dressed in bikinis, the stage is very close to look like the yacht of a celebrity...

And this apparent modernity is totally justified by the universality of the subject of the opera itself! The count Asdrubale (Marco Vinco), a thirty year-old rich man who has yet not found a wife, has got serious doubts: how can he be sure that Donna Fulvia (Patrizia Biccirè), La Baronessa Aspasia (Laura Brioli) and La Marchesa Clarice (Marie-Ange Todorovitch), three delicious women who court him, desire him for what he really is and not only for his money? Asdrubale makes a Machiavellian project in order to find out who is the less sincere of all women!

© Picture: Javier del Real

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