William Christie conducts The Beggar’s Opera

Robert Carsen (stage director), William Christie (conductor) – With Robert Burt (Mr Peachum), Beverley Klein (Mrs. Peachum), Kate Batter (Polly Peachum)...

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Robert Carsen — Stage director

James Brandily — Scenography

Petra Reinhardt — Costume designer

Rebecca Howell — Choreographer

Robert Carsen — Lighting

Peter van Praet — Lighting

Ian Burton

Robert Burt — Mr. Peachum

Beverley Klein — Mrs. Peachum

Kate Batter — Polly Peachum

Benjamin Purkiss — Macheath

Kraig Thornber — Lockit

Olivia Brereton — Lucy Lockit

Emma Kate Nelson — Jenny Diver

Sean Lopeman — Filch, Manuel

Gavin Wilkinson — Matt

Taite-Elliot Drew — Jack, prison guard

Program notes

Come discover this cheeky and ebullient reinterpretation of The Beggar’s Opera by Gay & Pepusch in a stellar English production conducted by the great William Christie, brought to life by renowned stage director Robert Carsen and Les Arts Florissants!

This irreverent work may be seen as prefiguring the genre of the operetta, critiquing the society that gave rise to it while parodying the codes of opera seria. Librettist John Gay recounts a tale not of nobles, royals, and heroes—but one of bandits, beggars, and prostitutes, set within the limits of 18th-century London… Gay’s intent was to create a work created by the working class and for the working class. The music, compiled and arranged by John Pepusch, finds its inspiration both in folk songs and in famous works by English composers like Purcell and Handel. For this revival at Paris's Bouffes du Nord Theatre, director Robert Carsen updates the libretto for our modern age and sensibilities, successfully offering up a spectacle that blends pointed satire with memorable tunes.

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