Master class

Master Class with John Neumeier on Anna Karenina

Hamburg Ballet

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John Neumeier — Choreographer, teacher

Myriam Hoyer — Movie director

Program notes

Join us for a fascinating master class by internationally renowned choreographer John Neumeier at the Hamburg Ballet, where he has served as artistic director for over 50 years! Here he unveils all the secrets of his acclaimed ballet Anna Karenina, inspired by the Tolstoy novel, a postmodern ballet masterwork set to music by Tchaikovsky, Schnittke, and Cat Stevens.

In the classic 1877 novel, Tolstoy portrays a Russia torn between the vestiges of the monarchical era and the winds of change and reform, all outlined through the unique destinies of three families and, at their center, Anna Karenina: a free woman who lives and dies for love. Neumeier proposes a poetic and contemporary reading of this timeless tale of love, family, and society.

Photo © Kiran West

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