Master class

Master Class with Dmitry Yablonsky

Popper's Hohe Schule des Violoncello-Spiels, Op. 73, Études Nos. 1 and 6

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Dmitry Yablonsky — Teacher, cellist

Haran Meltzer — Cellist

Program notes

Grammy-nominated conductor and award-winning cellist Dmitry Yablonsky received great critical acclaim for his recording of all 40 of the Études from Popper's High School of Cello Playing, Op. 73. Here he works with cellist Haran Meltzer on Études Nos. 1 and 6 in a master class at the Villa Sandra Lesa.

Bohemian-born virtuoso cellist David Popper was greatly admired in his day: a contemporary of Liszt and Brahms, the artist composed prolifically for his instrument, becoming an influential pedagogue.  His Hohe Schule des Violoncello-Spiels, Op. 73 ("High School of Cello Playing") consists of forty etudes that have become the bedrock of cello teaching. Pablo Casals himself declared that “no other composer wrote better for the instrument”.

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