Master class

Master Class with Tamir Akta (I/II)

iClassical Academy – Arban’s Fantaisie and Variations on the Carnival of Venice (Part 1)

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Tamir Akta — Teacher, trumpeter

Arik Amitay — Trumpeter

Oleg Yekirevich — Pianist

Program notes

Tamir Akta gives a master class on Arban’s Fantaisie and Variations on the Carnival of Venice.

The Carnival of Venice is a folk tune popularly associated with the lyric, "My hat, it has three corners." Many showpiece variations have been written for solo trumpet on this tune featuring virtuoso displays. The works of Jean-Baptiste Arban, Del Staigers, Herbert L. Clarke are particularly beloved by trumpeters, and frequently performed.

Tamir Akta is a graduate of the Talma Yelin School of Arts, a recipient of the America Israel cultural Foundation scholarship 1987-1995, and winner of the 1991 Interlaken Classics Competition, the Selmer Trumpet Competition and the young soloist Trumpet competition. Tamir completed his academic training in the Paris Conservatory. Akta views music education as calling and an obligation, and holds dear to his heart the task of training the next generation of Israeli musicians. In addition to his performing schedule and composing projects, Tamir teaches trumpet and supervises an elementary school music education project in Raanana. As a composer, Tamir has been writing for the past seven years, performing his own works in the concert halls of Israel and Europe.

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