Master class

Master Class with Ram Oren (I/II)

Brandt's Trumpet Concert Piece No. 1

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Ram Oren — Teacher, trumpeter

Baruch Harlap — Trumpeter

Pazit Gal — Pianist

Program notes

The great Israeli trumpeter Ram Oren works with Baruch Harlap on Vassily Brandt's Concert Piece No. 1 in a master class at the Ra'anana Music Centre in Ra'anana, Israel.

Celebrated Russian virtuoso trumpeter and trumpet pedagogue Vassily Brandt was principal trumpet and first cornet of the Bolshoi Theater around the turn of the 20th century, and trained a generation of trumpet players as a member of the Moscow Conservatory and Saratov Conservatory faculties. He is remembered in particular for his extensive contributions to the trumpet repertoire, including his 34 Orchestral Etudes, and his two Concert Pieces (Concert Piece No. 1, op. 11 and Concert Piece No. 2, op. 12) for trumpet and piano.

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