Master class

Master Class with Lucas Macías Navarro

Strauss' Oboe Concerto in D Major, AV 144, TrV 292

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Lucas Macías Navarro — Teacher, oboist
Irina Musatova — Pianist
Verónica Cruz — Oboist

Program notes

Oboist and conductor Lucas Macías Navarro and student Verónica Cruz turn their attention to one of the 20th century’s greatest contributions to the repertoire of their instrument: Richard Strauss’s Oboe Concerto in D Major. The concerto was one of Strauss’s last compositions, inspired by the great American oboist John de Lancie's visit to his home in Germany when de Lancie was part of the American army in April 1945.  

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Production date: 2017
Duration: 40 min
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