Sarah McCoy at Blues sur Seine

Blues sur Seine 2015

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Sarah McCoy — Singer

Alyssa Anne Potter — Xylophonist

Program notes

Sarah McCoy and Alyssa Anne Porter form an innovative and addictive duo for this live recording in the Yvelines in 2015. McCoy was born and raised with jazz, growing up in New Orleans before eventually moving to Paris in 2017 and releasing her debut album Blood Sirens in 2019. The two artists combine during this concert and play with a high level of sensitivity, received greatly by the adoring audience. 

Daughter of a police officer with ill health, who sadly past away during her childhood, and of a school teacher and former nun, she is a product of her lower-middle class upbringing. An atypical soul, she displayed a sublime talent from her childhood, drawing on her painful past to give her playing a deep artistic purity. This fantastic musician, through her dedication to her art, is now considered one of the major leading figures in vocal jazz.

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