Moonchild in Zurich

Moods Jazz Association 2017

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Amber Navran — Clarinetist, saxophonist, singer

Max Byrk — Pianist, clarinetist, flutist, saxophonist

Andris Mattson — Pianist, trumpeter, flugelhornist

Efajemue Etoroma — Drummer

Program notes

The alternative R&B group, Moonchild, decorates the Moods Club with its relaxing sonority. Founded in 2011, Moonchild was initially a trio created by the singer and multi-instrumentalist Amber Navran, the pianist, flautist, and saxophonist Max Byrk and the talented Andries Mattson (also a multi-instrumentalist, playing bugle, piano and trumpet). The trio, accompanied by drummer Efajemue Etoroma, performs its greatest successes to date, including The List, Cure and 6am

The group, gaining legendary status on the neo-soul, jazz, and R&B stage, is greatly hailed by critics since its debut and has been greatly backed and supported by iconic musicians such as Stevie Wonder and Jill Scott. Moonchild continues to increase its tours, collaborations and hasbeen met with worldwide success. It is with their album Voyager, released in 2017 that they were brought to international fame. This record launched their most famous hits, from then on their music has been listened to in the homes of the most ardent jazz lovers as well as the wider public. It is principally the group’s capacity to switch from more popular styles to the more specialized that makes it so iconic to the modern neo-soul audience.

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