The Kutimangoes in Bremen

Jazzahead 2022

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Michael Blicher — Flutist, saxophonist

Gustav Rasmussen — Trombonist, guitarist

Aske Drasbæk — Saxophonist

Johannes Buhl Andresen — Keyboardist

Casper Mikkelsen — Drummer

Eddi Jarl — Drummer

Magnus Jochumsen — Percussionist

Program notes

At the Jazzahead Festival 2022, Danish band The KutiMangoes performs their Afro-beat and Afro-jazz fusions. An ensemble of Nordic musicians, the group combines the vibrant sounds of African culture with their own musical innovation—a joy to listen to!

Capturing the essence of a genre so different to their own culture is an immense task, and one that draws from their travels: they recorded their last work, Made in Africa, directly in Mali and Burkina Faso. The beauty of The KutiMangoes lies in their original and creative blend of musical cultures, leaving listeners in awe of the result.

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