Jazzed Out, Berlin

A documentary series by Mathieu Mastin

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Wolfert Brederode — Pianist
Kurt Rosenwinkel — Guitarist
Benny Lackner — Pianist
Tamir Halperin — Pianist
Michael Wollny — Pianist
Ben Kraef — Saxophonist
Rainer Boehm — Pianist
Daniel Erdmann — Saxophonist
Carsten Daerr — Pianist
Hyperactive Kid
Axel Dörner — Trumpeter
Samuel Blaser — Trombonist
Silke Eberhard — Saxophonist
Max Andrzejewski — Drummer
Andreas Lang
J. Schleiermacher — Saxophonist
Joy Frempong — Electronics, singer
Lleluja Ha — Drummer

Program notes

"It's not easy to talk about the history of Jazz and Berlin because Berlin has such a split history" ... this edition of the Jazzed Out documentary series, directed by Mathieu Mastin, takes place in one of Europe's most imposing and iconic cities. By taking the living, breathing entity that is jazz music and dragging it out of the clubs and into the streets, we see its natural versatility in a new space, interacting with the sky and the concrete, the history and the daily bustle. 

Between performances we see music journalists like Wolf Kampmann describe the evolving and contradictory role of Berlin-based jazz, from its 1920s boom to its ban during World War Two, and from its Cold War divide to its subsequent, blooming revival. The musicians themselves are juxtaposed with diverse iconography – Samuel Blaser plays the trombone at the famous Holocaust Memorial while Silke Eberhard plays saxophone surrounded by barking dogs on Karl Marx Street. 

In this dynamic and captivating film, modernity and history clash and resolve in a sequence of shots that describes the city's relationship to the music that simultaneously lives in it and reflects its energies. 

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Directed by:
Mathieu Mastin
Venue: Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
Production date: 2012
Duration: 1 h 10 min
Production: © Mezzo/ CNC/ Sacem
Resolution: Full HD