Caixa Cubo in Bremen

Jazzahead 2022

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Henrique Gomide — Pianist

Noa Stroeter — Bass guitarist, double bassist

João Gabriel Fideles — Drummer

Program notes

Caixa Cubo takes the spotlight at the Jazzahead Festival 2022! Founded in 2007 by pianist Henrique Gomide, double bassist Noa Stroeter, and drummer João Fideles, this trio is characterized by a vibrant musical eclecticism and forms one of the most popular jazz groups in Brazil. Eleven years of performing together is beautifully depicted in this harmonious and magical concert.

The ensemble enthrall the audience with their innovative electronic sounds, as in their album Saturno, and display remarkable sensitivity with a cover of the best Brazilian pieces, as in Misturada. Since 2011, they have been on several tours and never cease to amaze us with their innovative and adventurous playing.

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