Bigyuki in Zurich

Moods Jazz Association 2017

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Masayuki Hirano — Pianist

Randy Runyon — Guitarist

Lenny Reece — Drummer

Program notes

Bigyuki, aka Masayuki Hirano, joins forces with Randy Runyon and Lenny Reece to demonstrate their passion for music to the patrons of the Moods club in 2017. Originally from Japan, Bigyuki currently lives in New York, where he trained as a keyboard player working with the biggest names in contemporary jazz. In a fascinating performance, this trio produce a concert that draws on a variety of musical genres from free-jazz to jazz-house via jazz fusion. 

It is this eclectic style that makes Bigyuki a complete artist. He is constantly connected to his colleagues and the public, thus making all of his performances one-of-a-kind. Bigyuki and his band members transcend us into a totally different world where a multitude of genres meet to create an easel of powerful rhythm and harmony. For further study, listen to his stunning album Greek Fire, released in 2016.

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