Wagner vs. Verdi – The Battle

With Carlus Padrissa and La Fura dels Baus

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Carlus Padrissa — Stage director

La Fura dels Baus

Program notes

In a magnificent and unusual performance by Carlus Padrissa and the company La Fura dels Baus, accompanied by dozens of acrobats and orchestra musicians, Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi clash in the joust to decide the best composer...

In 2013, the world celebrated the birth of the great names of opera: Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) and Richard Wagner (1813-1883). Born the same year, they both became pillars of opera in the 19th century. Yet, Wagner and Verdi never met. While Wagner was encountering great success with Der Ring des Nibelunge, Verdi was becoming a reference of the Italia opera thanks to La Traviata and Aida...

This performance was a first opportunity for Wagner and Verdi to "fight", on the occasion on of the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of their birth in Munich. They both are armed with an orchestra, supporters and works they composed.

The set design and assembly of characters is set up to reveal facial expressions through a clever multimedia projection. It is an amazing show, full of humor and poetry, is presented by Carlus Padrissa and the theater group La Fura dels Baus.

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