Tannhaüser – The revolutionary

A documentary on Nikolaus Lehnhoff's production – With Philippe Jordan, Waltraud Meier...

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Nikolaus Lehnhoff — Stage director

Raimund Bauer — Set designer

Amir Hosseinpour — Choreographer

Jonathan Lunn — Choreographer

Robert Gambill — Tannhaüser

Camilla Nylund — Elisabeth

Waltraud Meier — Venus

Roman Treckel — Wolfram von Eschenbach

Stephen Milling — Landgraf

Marcel Reijans — Walther von der Vogelweide

Tom Fox — Biterolf

Philharmonischer Chor Berlin

Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin

Philippe Jordan — Conductor

Program notes

After the acclaimed productions of Nikolaus Lehnhoff's Parsifal, Lohengrin and Tristan und Isolde, the director returns with a new production success, Tannhäuser.

The production of Nikolaus Lehnhoff is based on the Paris version by Richard Wagner, including a long scene in the Venusberg and very surprising choreography by Amir Hosseinpour and Jonathan Lunn. The minimalist staging and ingenious decorations Raimund Bauer make Tannhäuser worthy of the 21th century. As always, the cast chosen by Lehnhoff remains unparalleled.

Through the comments of Nikolaus Lehnhoff, Philippe Jordan, Amir Hosseinpour et al., The documentary depicts the persona Tannhaüser embodied. Young and spirited, both metaphorical of the victim and provocative, loving to play with extremes, Tannhaüser has experienced an extreme form of love and clumsily seeks Elisabeth's true love.

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